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What if my pool starts leaking?

If you're in need of pool repair services in Outer Banks, Southern Shores & Kill Devil Hills, NC then we got the fix

Have you noticed your water bill creeping up recently? Or have you noticed that the structure around your pool is becoming seemingly unstable? These could be tell tale signs that your pool is leaking. This would be time to call a professional. Its hard to believe that all of these huge problems can be cause by one simple hole in your liner. A hole 1/16" in diameter can leak as much as 100 gallons of water a day!

When we arrive at your home we will go through a three step process that will allow us to find the leak:

1. Gather Information

Upon arrival at your home we will gather some information from you about the pool in general and the suspected leak. We need to confirm that it is a leak problem and will lead us to where the leak may be occurring.

2. Find the Problem Area

A pressure test is conducted to eliminate the non leaking areas of the pool and flag certain areas that may need to be further inspected.

3. Finding the Leak

During this process different techniques and equipment are used depending on where the problem area is and whether it is affecting the liner, the plumbing or the foundation of the pool.

Ritchie Pools and Spas has been helping out homeowners in Outer Banks, Southern Shores & Kill Devil Hills, NC for the past ten years in detecting and fixing leaks. If you suspect that your pool may be leaking call us today. We will determine if it is in fact a leak. Even if it is not, we will help resolve whatever problem may be occurring at the time.